Colorado Tourism Roadmap Process & Timeline

Given the competitive landscape for visitors' attention, it is more important than ever that the state’s visitor industry develop a Tourism Roadmap that helps identify future opportunities and challenges, along with a set of strategies and tactics to capitalize on these factors. This outline of the CTO's process will give you some insight into how we crafted our roadmap.


Roadmap Kickoff

Project refinement and initial scoping


Roadmap Regional Input Sessions

Crisscross the state with 20 input sessions, gaining industry insights regarding critical customer, product, competition and delivery-system issues facing Colorado’s tourism industry


State of the Industry Analysis

Process industry input, analyze research/data trends and undertake new Colorado Image and Perception Study


Testing State of Industry Conclusions

Develop refined set of critical issues strategy should prioritize — again crisscross the state, testing findings and using feedback to refine conclusions


Strategy & Tactic Formulation

Craft a series of strategies and tactics that speak to the refined set of critical issues, identifying priorities and range of entities involved in implementation

December & Beyond

Present Colorado Tourism Roadmap Report

Present report with recommendations on how to maximize implementation effectiveness and track performance.

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