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CRAFT Mentor (formerly CHAMP)

CRAFT Mentor provides up to 50 free hours of mentoring for organizations or businesses wishing to advance a specific tourism-related goal or strategy

CRAFT Mentor exists to stimulate the development of high-quality cultural, heritage, agricultural and outdoor adventure tourism experiences for travelers in Colorado. Guidelines >>

Duration: 50-hour timeframe determined by participant and mentor

Recommended for: Organizations, nonprofits, tourism-related businesses

Rolling online applications throughout the year. Apply >>

Cultural & Heritage Case Studies:

SLVMA Case Study >>
Crestone Case Study >>
Montrose Historical Case Study >>
History Connections of Pueblo >> 
Rio Blanco County Historical Society >>

Culinary & Agritourism Case Studies

Horse & Hen Case Study >>
Loveland Farmers’ Market >>
Berry Patch Farms >>
Mancos Project >>

Want to Be a Mentor?

Are you a subject expert with practical experience in a particular aspect of cultural, heritage, agricultural and outdoor adventure tourism?

Peer Mentor Application Information >>
Fill Out Our Application >>


Contact Kara Penn for both mentor and project questions or assistance.

CRAFT Mentor Implementation Grants

After successful completion of CRAFT Mentors, participants are eligible to apply for funding to implement a key priority determined during program.

Up to $1,000 available for a CRAFT Mentor Implementation Grant

  • Rolling online applications throughout year
  • Apply >>
  • Applications open on December 1, 2017
  • Eligible for a maximum of a $1,000 grant to implement a key priority determined during the CRAFT Mentor process

More funding information >>

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Please contact Jill Corbin, CTO Director of Destination Development, [email protected]
Elizabeth O’Rear, CTO Manager of Destination Development, [email protected]
Sarah-Jane Johnson, Destination Development PR Strategist, [email protected]