IPC Presentations and Reports

The Colorado Tourism Office's international promotions team generates a large quantity of monthly, mid-year, and year-end reports in each international of its primary target markets.

Requesting Information

The CTO is more than happy to share this information, but due to copyright issues on some the information contained within these reports, the CTO has decided to release this information upon written request only.  

Please contact Michael Driver at 303-892-3840 or michael.driver@state.co.us for more information.

IPC Presentations & Reports

2014 CTO International Monthly Reports

2013 CTO International Monthly Reports

2013 CTO Year-End Reports

2012 CTO International Monthly Reports

2012 CTO Year-End Reports

2011 CTO International Monthly Reports

2011 CTO Year-End Reports

Governor's Tourism Conference Presentations

Governor's 2012 Colorado Tourism Conference

Governor's 2011 Colorado Tourism Conference

Governor's 2010 Colorado Tourism Conference