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The CTO has created a variety of partnerships to help the Colorado tourism industry leverage their dollars to greater effect. Below is a detailed list of co-op offerings available to partners.

Paid Media Co-Op

Colorado Tourism Office team has developed the following collection of social and digital co-op partnership opportunities. For each option, your dollars would be matched with CTO dollars, as described below.

Each partnering entity is eligible for a maximum of one matching grant for one of the tactics described below. All content that is created as part of this program should be consistent with the copy and imagery guidelines for the CTO in terms of effectively portraying the wide variety of experiences Colorado has to offer. All options are available, with or without CTO matching dollars. Deadline for commitment on any of these opportunities is Feb. 1, 2018. Media must run by June 30, 2018.

See our PDF for more details, and please do not hesitate to reach out to Nikki Baker if you have any questions.

    Native Advertising with Sharethrough

    • Minimum Investment: $5,000 (CTO to match maximum of $5,000)
    • Description: Native advertising has been one of CTO's most successful digital investments in recent campaigns. It delivers a custom brand message directly in the publisher's feed with the same look and feel as the surrounding website in a non-intrusive form that garners high user engagement.
    • Estimated Impressions: 870,000
    • Assets Needed: Company logo (48x48 ratio) and image (1,000 x 750 ratio); all content can be vendor-produced as part of the investment

    PR Distribution through Outbrain

    • Minimum Partner Investment: $2,500 (CTO to match maximum of $2,500)
    • Description: Outbrain places selected media articles with related content. This allows partners to share credible, impactful media coverage with the right audience and create long-term relationships with readers. It maximizes engagement and delivers high performance results.
    • Estimated Impressions: 1,100,000
    • Assets Needed: URL of one third-party article(s) you want promoted; other placements available at $5,000 each.

    Video Pre-Roll

    • Minimum Partner Investment: $10,000 (CTO to match maximum of $5,000)
    • Description: Pre-roll video increases brand awareness with a visually appealing piece of content that generates high brand recognition and lift.
    • Estimated Impressions: 1,500,000
    • Assets Needed: Video Pre-Roll unit, :15 or :30 in length, 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, mp4 file (200MB max file size).

    Please reach out to Nikki Baker at [email protected] for questions or more information on these opportunities.

    Content Creation and Distribution on Matador Network

    • Description: Matador Network has a following of 12 million outdoor and travel enthusiasts who find inspiration on Matador's website and social platforms. Matador creates and distributes compelling content that drives high engagement among an audience that is a great fit for Colorado.
    • Estimated Impressions: Minimum 200,000 to 1.6 million, depending on option selected.
    • Assets Needed: None. All content is produced by Matador. Partner will have global digital licensing rights to all content in perpetuity — including video to leverage on your owned web and social channels.
    • Matador contact is AJ Kinney at [email protected].


    Social Media Co-Op Advertising

    As many of you have noticed, reach has dramatically declined on Facebook. Unfortunately, social networking is rapidly becoming a pay-to-play game. If you want your fans/potential customers/visitors to see your message you need to invest in paid promotion. The CTO is continuing the Paid Social Media Co-op Advertising effort that will leverage the power of the CTO’s social channels to help give more widespread distribution for your content.

    Under the direction of Dave Fluegge, our social media expert, the basic premise of the program is to promote industry partner content on CTO channels and push consumers to content on your pages/sites. In addition, we created an opportunity to not only increase your reach into the marketplace, but also ensure that the promoted content goes to your target audience, using various targeting tools that Dave has at his disposal.

    And finally, you’ll be able to invest a nominal amount of dollars, double your budget through the co-op with the CTO and dip your toes into paid social advertising (if you have not ventured into those waters). Since this is managed by the CTO, there is no management fee, 100 percent of funds go to your media purchase.

    How Does it Work?
    Once a week there will be an opportunity for an industry partner to participate in the program. The CTO will promote the industry partner content through the Visit Colorado Facebook page for a maximum duration of three days.  

    • Industry partner creates a relevant piece of content
      • Content can/should live on your site
      • CTO will critique the content if necessary to ensure we are maximizing engagement
      • CTO has final say on whether content fits the program (more on that below)
    • Industry partner decides how much budget they would like to invest in the program and what the goals are for their effort  (clicks, engagement, awareness, etc.)
      • Budget requirements
        • Minimum investment of $1,000 (affordable, yet with the match, we’ll make a splash)
        • CTO will match those funds dollar for dollar up to $2,500
        • If a partner would like to invest more than the match, they are allowed to invest as much as they would like above and beyond the match.
    • Industry partner will decide on the audience you want to target; CTO will come up with a plan using Facebook targeting tools. (Note: the intent here is to not just not just target Visit Colorado fans, but use resources to reach beyond both CTO and your current audiences.)
      • Age
      • Geolocation
      • Interests (hiking, biking, foodie, etc, do your best to describe your target audience)
      • CTO will build a targeting cluster based off of this information
    • CTO will craft a message on Facebook about the content and post it (with partner approval)
    • CTO will create and manage a paid media campaign promoting that content with the industry partner goals in mind.  

    For more details on this program, click here.

    If you have any questions, or would like your name added to the signup emails that are sent out, contact Dave Fluegge at [email protected].

    User Generated Content Co-Op with Crowdriff

    Visitors and local residents are capturing their Colorado experiences through thousands of visuals at local venues and events every day. These are shared on social networks and are proven to have significant impact on a traveler’s choice of destination. Having access to these influential visuals creates a huge opportunity for marketers to tap into this authentic and relevant content. The challenge is that there is so much of it and finding the gems inside the vast collection can be time consuming and daunting. We have teamed up with CrowdRiff, the leading visual marketing platform for travel and tourism brands, to give CTO partners the ability to tap into this rich visual content and CrowdRiff’s deep expertise in visual marketing , enabling you to use both to attract and engage visitors.

    Benefits of the CrowdRiff CTO co-op program are many, and include:

    • The ability to search and acquire rights to the best visuals that visitors are sharing of your destination, for use on your website, and other marketing channels
    • Shared learning on how to apply visual marketing strategies to increase visitor consideration for visiting your destination
    • The ability to curate visuals to share with CTO’s marketing team for inclusion in Visit Colorado marketing promotions, including the Colorado.com, print visitor guides, physical displays and media outreach
    • An annual subscription to CrowdRiff at a significantly discounted rate (or an upgrade for existing partners)

    To learn more about the program and pricing contact Natasha Kubura at [email protected].

    Digital Marketing Attribution & Research via Arrivalist

    The Arrivalist A2 & A3 Platforms measure actual arrivals to the destination from your marketing including digital advertising and website content traffic providing insights such as arrivals by origin market; unique users and arrivals; media exposures and arrivals; media efficiency; arrivals by time and distance; multi-touch attribution; arrivals by campaign; associated arrivals; and more.

    • A2 Description: The Arrivalist A2 Platform anonymously measures changes in the location network-enabled devices after a sequence of media exposures (digital advertising and website content/traffic) to identify which messages influenced visitors to experience your destination.  
    • A2 Platform Minimum Investment: $27,000 (Rate Card $37,000). Please note there are 12 different levels of investment for this program.
    • A3 Description: The Arrivalist A3 Platform is GPS location data to measure exposed versus unexposed arrivals across all devices to determine Arrival Lift and Stay Lift against dynamic control groups for locations as granular as 30 feet. This allows for measurement not only of arrivals to the destination, but also of hotels, attractions and POIs within the destination.
    • A3 Platform Minimum Investment: $78,700 (Rate Card $115,000). Please note there are three different levels of investment for this program.

    Arrivalist contacts are Charles Lewis at [email protected] for DMOs and John Reiss at [email protected] for Attractions, Hotels/Resorts.