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Co-Ops & Grants

The Colorado Tourism Office has programs to support your destination's marketing efforts. See how you can take advantage of our reach.



The CTO has created a variety of partnerships to help the Colorado tourism industry leverage their dollars to greater effect. You'll find a detailed list of co-op offerings available to partners.

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Marketing Matching Grants

The CTO’s Marketing Matching Grant Program provides funding to not-for-profit organizations in the State of Colorado for the purpose of promoting the state or a region as a tourism destination.

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Project & Technical Assistance Grants

The CTO’s Project and Technical Assistance Grant Program provides funding to local Colorado municipalities, city or county governments or non-profit organizations in the State of Colorado for the purpose of supporting projects that contribute to technical development of the tourism industry statewide.

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CRAFT Implementation Funding

Destination Development offers a peer-assistance and training program for farms and ranches, businesses, museums, attractions and organizations that want to improve or expand their own cultural, heritage tourism, agritourism or outdoor adventure attractions.

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