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How to Suggest a New COTREX Featured Route

First, what is a Featured Route? 

  • An example itinerary to inspire users that’s representative of a trail or area’s core experience. These can be used to attract visitors to a popular trail route, or to help disperse use to lesser utilized areas.
  • Examples:

What do we need included in a Featured Route suggestion? 

  • Path (required). Description or means to visualize the path taken. Text descriptions are fine, so long as they’re clear! We’ll build the actual routes on COTREX. 
    • Include start point, trail(s) taken, and end point. Routes can be out & back, loop, or one way– whatever makes sense for that route. 
    • Good example: “Start at X Trailhead, travel on Trail Y, then west on Trail Z, until ending back at X Trailhead”. 
    • Files such as .gpx, hand drawings, screenshots, etc are welcome but not necessary. 
  • Description of the experience (required). 
    • What makes this route special? Why highlight it? 
    • No need to include turn-by-turn instructions, every fact (length, elevation, etc), just what a user will experience. 
    • Not a confident writer? No problem! Just give us your best write up, or even bullet points, and we’ll finalize the copy. 
    • 3-4 sentences or bullets are usually enough, but more are always welcome. 
  • Photo (at least one strongly requested)
    • Represent the route with at least one photo. It will always be attributed, licensed as requested, and linked to if published online already somewhere. 
    • Doesn’t have to be tied to a specific geographic coordinate or feature, though more detail is welcome. 
  • Features/Highlights Along the Way (optional)
    • Take note of the “Timeline” section in the first example above for something simple, or this one for more extensive use: https://trails.colorado.gov/routes/116 
    • Are there specific things you want to highlight along the Route as markers on the map? They’ll also eventually appear on the elevation profile. 
    • If so, list these features with basic details about them. We’ll work with you to include these. 

Have a Featured Route suggestion?

Send a note to [email protected] or submit via this Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/mY6yTPND5852foGr2 
Please keep in mind that the COTREX team will consider other nearby Featured Routes, level of detail, and land manager approvals before any suggested routes are published.