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Weekly Research Roundup

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Colorado Tourism Office has kept its pulse on the effects of COVID-19 on our industry, using data insights to navigate a path forward. To help travel economies across the state, the office will share a condensed, Colorado-focused research summary every week. Below is this week's research roundup. 

Travel Data for the Week ending Nov. 15

**Updated Colorado traveler spending data will come in after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

  • U.S. Travel and Tourism Economics: Total Colorado traveler spending during the weekly research cycle ending November 7th was $264 million compared with $416 million during the same week in 2019. This represents a 36% decrease y/y in traveler spending.
    • Between March 8th and November 7th, total Colorado traveler spending was $7.4 billion, compared with $15.4 billion in 2019. This is a $8 billion difference or a 53% decrease.
    • Since the beginning of the pandemic, Colorado has seen a loss of $179 million in state tax revenue and a $149 million loss in local tax revenue.
    • Since the beginning of March, the U.S. travel economy’s losses from the COVID-19 pandemic have tallied $463 billion.
  • Arrivalist Daily Travel Index
    • Road travel has remained roughly flat over most weeks since Labor Day—in the -10% to -15% y/y range, this past week being no exception.
  • TSA Traveler Throughput Data
    • Daily TSA screenings increased last week and also improved on a y/y basis.
    • The latest seven-day average of daily screenings (through Tuesday, November 17) was 1.8% higher than the previous seven-day period, and “only” 63% lower than in the same period last year.
    • Though it is still deep in negative territory, the latest 63% y/y decline reflects an improvement over the 66% y/y decline in the previous seven-day period; it is also—tied with the seven-day period ending Oct. 27—the best y/y performance since the start of the pandemic.
  • ​​​​​​​ADARA Travel Trends Tracker
    • International bookings for future travel to the U.S. (-58% y/y) performed better than domestic bookings for the first time since April and were significantly improved from earlier weeks.
  • Destination Analysts Weekley Traveler Survey
    • Americans’ concerns about contracting COVID-19 rose in recent days as daily COVID-19 cases skyrocketed: 61% now believe the pandemic will be getting worse in the next month; just 14% feel it will get better.
    • Just three in 10 plan to take a holiday season-related trip this year — down from 55% in 2019.
    • In addition, nearly 80% have at least tentative trip plans for some time in the next year, although over a third are eyeing May 2021 or later.
    • Over 60% of American travelers said Pfizer’s promising vaccine announcement made them more or much more optimistic that they can travel safely in 2021.
  • Longwoods International U.S. Travel Sentiment Survey
    • Road trips dominated with three-quarters of travelers preferring to travel by auto and short-term rentals gained share over traditional lodging accommodations.
    • Domestic trips also increased in length—averaging around four nights.

Data will be updated every Friday. To see the full compilation of national data from US Travel click here. For more information, please contact Jackson Feld at [email protected].