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What Makes COTREX Unique?

  • Industry Leading - Colorado has become the first state in the nation to publish a FREE trails application for all trail users utilizing a statewide database across all land managers.
  • A Trails App for All - COTREX operates on a robust data schema that allows all trail user groups (hiking, biking, equestrian, motorcycle, ATV, and 50”+) the ability to discover and explore trails in Colorado. Additionally, a user can filter trails that allow dogs or see routes that are wheelchair friendly.
  • Featured Routes - Manually curated, these can be used to attract visitors to a particular trail route, or to help disperse use to lesser utilized areas. Featured Routes contain text descriptions, photos, points of interests, suggested direction of travel, and difficulty ratings. Learn more about how to create a Featured Route in Section 4, and access an interactive example here.
  • Encouraging Responsible Behavior - Users will find education about wildlife closures, trail etiquette, and use restrictions front and center in the application. Here is an example of a trail page that outlines allowed uses and a seasonal restriction.
  • Clear Expectations - When a user selects a use type (i.e. mountain biking), trails are colored by allowed use: green = allowed, grey = not allowed, and orange = requires verification - seasonal restriction or unknown attributes (click on the trail for more information).
  • Refine Your Search - Because it’s built upon a robust data repository, COTREX allows users to filter and search for trails that allow dogs, are wheelchair friendly, or have a tag such as “wildflowers” or “history”.
  • Routes On-the-Go - Users can create and share routes on-the-fly to that show distance, elevation, and trail grade. 
  • Interactive OHV Maps - For the first time in an app, users can select their vehicle type to expose an interactive motor vehicle trails map.
  • Field Notes - Out on the trail, you can “note” over 50,000 pre-populated items. These are tagged to a GPS point and automatically sync to your profile when you return to cell service.
  • Weekend Planning - The web version is great for exploring recreation opportunities, and saving them for later. The layout mimics the mobile versions for ease of use.